Not for Profit

Supporting the altruistic purposes of not for profits and charities and ensuring their continuing success is one of our longstanding and recognised attributes. We really can help you in your pursuit of your purpose and your presence in this invaluable part of our community.


Not for Profit (NFP) organisations operate in a challenging and constantly changing regulatory and economic environment where maintaining and growing their services require a strong foundation and a resilient legal structure.

At CRH Law, we understand the unique challenges facing NFPs and have extensive experience in providing advice across the sector.

Whether your organisation is a charity, community group, church, association or club, we’ll work with you to identify any weaknesses and build on your strengths.

NotforprofitSecuring your future

In the NFP sector, an organisation’s strength and resilience is built on its legal structure. We can help you protect your organisation’s future by working with you to:

  • develop a modern constitution that supports your aspirations and goals
  • review the structure of your organisation
  • develop practical risk management strategies and tools
  • diversify your services
  • protect and maximise bequests
  • secure your gift fund.

Growth through mergers and amalgamations

In an increasingly competitive environment, demonstrating a strong financial position and an ability to operate multiple services can determine whether an NFP organisation will secure the funding vital to their survival.

Growth through mergers and amalgamations is an increasingly attractive way to deal with these pressures.

The keys to successful mergers and amalgamations are careful planning and a rigorous due diligence process. That’s where we can help.

We have considerable experience in assisting NFPs to build a platform for continued success by protecting the interests of all stakeholders throughout the merger or amalgamation process.

Managing risk and compliance

We focus on helping you make sense of the complex legal environment in which your NFP organisation operates. We will:

  • work with you to achieve full compliance with relevant laws and keep you alert to changes
  • advise you on commercial contracts with suppliers, including supporting you during negotiations and reducing your exposure to commercial risk.

How we can help

Our NFP experts can provide you with practical advice on:

  • partnerships and consortia
  • mergers and amalgamations
  • tax status and compliance
  • optimising your constitution
  • reviewing funding contracts
  • establishing foundations.

We can also help you create a subsidiary organisation to diversify your operations and spread the risk, and advise you on managing your outsourcing, employment and workplace relations.

Need expert legal help now?

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