Guardianship & Administration

If someone has lost the ability to make their own decisions, being appointed as their decision maker or contesting another decision maker’s role, is one of the most important decisions anyone can make. It may also be vital for the person who needs a good decision maker.


We have been practising in the area of Elder Law for over 20 years and have developed skills and expertise that make us leaders in this area.

We specialise in guardianship & administration matters and applications to QCAT in relation to those matters. Enduring Powers of Attorney, Guardianship, Administration, capacity issues, disputes before QCAT- these are all matters that we deal with on a daily basis.

Living longer is great but the down-side is that more people develop age-related conditions such as dementia and severe memory problems that make it harder for them to manage their affairs. Other medical problems, such as brain acquired injuries can also prevent a person from managing their affairs.

Legal problems can arise when this happens.

Why you might need our specialist advice

Aged Care Legal Services

  • Someone close to you is losing or has lost capacity to make decisions and you’re not sure what to do
  • There is an Enduring Power of Attorney in place but the attorney is misusing their powers.
  • There is an Enduring Power of Attorney in place but the attorneys can’t work together
  • You are the Enduring Attorney but have been accused of misusing your powers
  • You need to prepare documents for or in relation to an application to QCAT
  • You are unhappy about the outcome of a QCAT matter and want to appeal
  • A loved one or someone close to you has lost capacity and you need to apply urgently to be appointed as their decision maker.
  • You are worried that someone close to you is being put under undue influence or duress in relation to their decision making.
  • You are an Enduring Attorney for someone and need legal advice about their affairs.

How we can help

Whether you need advice or full representation, we can help you. Some examples of the matters that we can help with include:

  • where an application has to be made to QCAT to have someone appointed to make decisions for a person who has lost capacity
  • where you have been appointed as someone’s Attorney but an application has been brought to review your appointment
  • where you have concerns that someone is misusing an Enduring Power of Attorney and want QCAT to review their appointment
  • where there is a conflict transaction that requires approval