Interstate and Overseas Estate Administration

  • CRH Law’s estate administration team is highly experienced in assisting interstate and overseas clients and legal practitioners with assets in Australia.

Estates that have assets in multiple jurisdictions add a layer of complexity to the administration of an estate. Here are just some of the issues these estates may be faced with:

  • Initially, thought needs to be given to whether a Will is a Will for the purposes of the law here in Australia. 
  • In order to enable an Executor or Administrator to deal with Australian assets, they may need to apply to the Courts for:
  • They may also need to have documents translated or obtain additional documents from various jurisdictions to enable the estate to be administered.
  • There are particular tax considerations which might affect estates with overseas connections.
  • The Titles Office here in Queensland also has additional documents and strict rules in dealing with overseas estates and where clients are overseas.
  • Then there is the consideration of distributing an estate (or part of an estate) where beneficiaries are located globally.

The good news is that CRH Law has been assisting clients including interstate and overseas law firms around the world with estate administration here in Australia. For an obligation free discussion, call our dedicated team now on 1800 274 529.