Estate Administration

Being given the role of administering a family or friend’s estate is an honour but it is also a significant legal responsibility which cannot be taken lightly. Get it wrong and you could come to regret not trying to get it right.


Being an Executor of an estate is not something we do every day. In fact it’s probably only something we will do once in our life. As such, given the importance of the role, doing it well may mean getting advice and assistance about how to do it well.

Estates LawAn executor’s role can be complex both in terms of the Will they have to administer and the estate that needs to be dealt with. Then there are other things to consider like tax and no doubt, anxious beneficiaries awaiting their entitlements. Things can also pop up that are unexpected such as a challenge to the Will which will involve the Executor in legal proceedings.

It can be a challenging and stressful role and something that doesn’t come naturally to most of us.

That is why it is crucial to talk to lawyers like us at the outset so that we can inform you of these important duties and steps in the process of administering an Estate.

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