Elder Law

Living longer comes with good times and not so good times. Using our expertise and experience in facing and confronting the uncertainties and complexities of our later lives is priceless and invaluable.

Retirement is no longer about getting a gold watch and spending time in the garden. It can last longer than ever before, and events and issues can become more complex.

That’s why seniors are increasingly frustrated when they try to obtain (and wade through) information that will help them make the right choices and decisions for their lifestyle and their future.

For many years, our experienced team at CRH Law has been advising older Australians on the full spectrum of legal issues facing them in retirement.

But we don’t only give you clear, straightforward legal advice. We understand the social and medical aspects of ageing that may affect you now and into the future – and we know it’s important to get advice from other experts such as financial advisers and aged-care specialists. We offer you peace of mind with referrals to appropriate and trusted people with a range of expertise.

In addition, we understand the varying dynamics of modern families and how they can become increasingly important to your later life, especially when it comes to making decisions for the future. If you request it, we can work with you and your family so they are involved in your planning and decision making.

When should you talk to us?

It’s important for you to talk to us as soon as possible to ensure you have the necessary information and legal tools in place to help you through retirement and to avoid the crisis management approach that often occurs in families.

Information from friends and family is helpful, but objective advice will ensure you’re on the right track for your future.

Our extensive experience means we know the government and other support services available to you – and we’ll help you access them through safe, reliable referrals for your specific issues.

We can also help you resolve situations where you’ve had the wrong advice or made an honest mistake and the decision could adversely affect you and your family.

Our focus is on helping you bring all the pieces of the puzzle together, with expert advice and practical strategies for dealing with elder issues and estate planning decisions.

Making it a positive experience


We know it can be intimidating and confusing dealing with lawyers. That’s why we focus on clear communication and open dialogue.

We want your interaction with us to be a positive experience, so we’ll make sure we cover these questions with you in our first meeting – without the legal-speak:

Do I have a legal problem?
Is there some other way to resolve it?
What will it cost me?
How long will it take to resolve it?

Key issues facing the elderly

We can assist you with elder issues including:

Need expert legal help now?

Don’t hesitate to contact CRH Law. We have helped many people in the same situations as you’re probably in. We hope to hear from you soon.