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Legal Services for you virtually (and in our car park)

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At times like this we can focus on those legal things we meant to do but just didn’t get around to.

The problem is that it’s now getting harder to do them because of the clash between the law of distancing and other laws such as:

  • Doing or changing your Will requires you to sign it in the physical presence of two unrelated witnesses; and
  • Doing an Enduring Power of Attorney requires you to have the document explained to you and then have your signature physically witnessed by a solicitor, JP or Commissioner for Declarations.

Needless to say, social distancing makes complying with these laws difficult. But legal services are still classified as an essential service. That’s why I’m typing this from my work office.

Ever responsive and creative as we lawyers are, we’ve come up with some temporary solutions including meeting with you virtually – on the telephone, skype or Zoom. Getting important documents done at this trying time has never been more important.

That’s why we are offering another service – a carpark consultation. Here’s the process:

  • We can book you in for a car park consultation in our car park at our office
  • When you arrive, you advise us by phone
  • We will then come down to meet you in the car park
  • You can remain in your car, wind down your window and we will keep our required distance
  • We will then discuss what you need and then go back to our office and prepare the documents while you wait
  • When completed we will go back to see you and arrange for the appropriate signing
  • You then drive away comforted by the fact you have done something good

There is no reason why we can’t discuss any other legal issues you may need to confront as well.

The car parking will not cost you but our work will. We will tell you the cost when we get the details from you and you can pay before you leave. All done and dusted.

If you are moved to do something, please contact us on our office number Ph: 07 32362900 and we’ll get things underway.

Take the opportunity before you lose the opportunity.

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Don’t hesitate to contact CRH Law. We have helped many people in the same situations as you’re probably in. We hope to hear from you soon.

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