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Laughing and Learning

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I have been giving presentations to older peoples’ interest groups and organisations for a long time now. They tend to target what I call ‘later life issues’ particularly those aspects of our lives we tend to want to avoid as the future gets closer, if not clearer.

My approach is to make the presentations both informative and entertaining  – I call it laughing and learning and the topics draw on my vast experience as an elder lawyer acting for older people. They usually only go for about 30-45 mins with time for questions.

Here’s a brief portfolio on some of them:

  • “New Twists on Family Planning”
    • How getting older (more mature) gives rise to all sorts of later life demands which the law gives us the ability to plan for and, because our families take such an interest in this phase of our life, it is all a bit like latter day family planning. Topics include  getting motivated, enduring powers of attorney and advance health directives.
  • Later Life Lifestyles”
    • More and more of us are transitioning in retirement (and more than once) from our own home to other smaller congregate style of living from retirement villages, manufactured home parks, assisted living, aged care, granny flats and NORCS. This provides a brief rundown on the options and the financial and legal implications
  • “Later Life Relationships
    • Singlehood will befall many of us in later life. Many of us have to fight the scourge of loneliness and isolation. This presentation looks at what older people are doing to confront this in creating new relationships and what the financial and legal implications are.
  • Good Will/Bad Will/No Will – Does it matter?”
    • This is a passionate subject for me and a ‘call to arms’ as I have witnessed the disastrous financial and emotional consequences for families where this ubiquitous document has been either ignored, done badly or not at all or simply can’t be found. It examines by way of examples, the good, the bad and the ugly of Will-making.
  • Doing Nothing – the Legacy of Lethargy”
    • Australians are really good at doing nothing about the future and this presentation is an eye opener about the consequences of this approach both while we are still alive and then on our celestial transfer. It tends to make people wake up, get up and do something.
  • “Aged Care – What does it really mean”
    • In later life this may become a reality for some of us. The aged care system in this country is complex, does not permit of ‘oops’ factors when it comes to decisions we make and it is not free. What are the options, what does it cost and what effect does it have on our relationships, families, finances and future.
  • “You and your Family in later life”
    • There is no doubt that life can come a full circle in later life where our children become more like our parents as we were for them in earlier days. This presentation addresses the scenarios that can arise along with the tensions and influences that you will have to grapple with and how the law can help.
  • “The Law of Dementia”
    • If we get past 85 the likelihood of contracting this condition increases exponentially. What can you do to plan for this, both in terms of your relationships and your family and how can you avoid the scourge of elder abuse.

If any of these or any other topics should interest you and your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact me – you might just learn something for free and, even better, do something about it!

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