A Will as a health kick?

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In my many presentations to older groups and in a cynical moment, I often ask an audience, rhetorically, “Why would you bother to do or, even worse, to pay for a Will? After all, it only benefits other people not you!”

Many respond by grunting or murmuring. In one presentation recently however, a woman put her hand up and proudly asserted in response “Because it makes me feel better”.

For me it was one of those blinding moments of the bleeding obvious. Sure a Will doesn’t give you any material or hard benefits – but what about the soft and unquantifiable measure of its usefulness?

Pilates, yoga, aerobics and abseiling have their place in our pursuit of health and the aspiration to ‘feel better’. Now we can add another one – a Will!

Talk to me if you want to feel better.

Brian Herd

Recognised as one of the leading experts in Australia on elder law, aged care, retirement, estate planning and disability and a regular author, broadcaster and popular presenter on many elder law subjects and issues.