To all you elder abusers out there

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You probably know how the law is supine as a tool for pursuing your abuse or even in discouraging it. As a result, you mostly get away with it. You have a sense of immunity emboldened and inoculated, ironically, by the inertness of the law itself.

So here’s a thought.

What if:

  • We had a criminal offence called financial exploitation of the elderly (which we don’t have)
  • It was defined to mean when a person in a position of trust and confidence knowingly obtains control over an elderly person’s property by means of deception or intimidation for their own personal profit

But here’s the best bit. What if

  • That same law said that if you are convicted of such an offence, you would be prevented from receiving any inheritance on the death of your mum or dad.

Might just make you think twice or would it?