More Legal Oscars

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This feels just like the Academy Awards but, earlier this year we humbly announced that several of us here in the firm had been voted by our peers as some of the best in our field and in particular:

  1. Brian Herd as one of Queensland’s best lawyers in the area of Seniors and Retirement Law;
  2. David Quinn as one of Queensland’s leading lawyers in Employment Law; and
  3. CRH Law as one of the leading Employment Law Firms in Queensland

This week, Doyle’s Guide, a long established and respected publication on lawyers and the law, have made the following announcements on legal rankings in Queensland:

  1. Brian Herd has joined the top ranking being one of only 3 “Preeminent” lawyers in Queensland in the area of Health and Aged Care Law.
  2. Joanne O’Brien was also announced to be one of only 5 “Leading” lawyers in the Health and Aged Care sector.

Not only that, but the firm has been announced by the publication “Global Law Experts” as ‘Law Firm of the Year in Elder Law’ in Australia.

Congratulations to us and to the other lawyers who achieved these accolades.

Congratulations to our clients as well for picking us – we couldn’t have done it without you.

Brian Herd
Recognised as one of the leading experts in Australia on elder law, aged care, retirement, estate planning and disability and a regular author, broadcaster and popular presenter on many elder law subjects and issues.