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Elder Law strikes again

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A new publication entitled “Elder Law – A Guide to Working with Older Australians” has just been published by Federation Press.

Among many other distinguished contributors, I have authored the somewhat topical chapter on “Residential Aged Care Facilities and Home Care”

For more details on this essential handbook on all you need to know about law and later life, see the press release below.


The Federation Press is pleased to announce the publication of:

Elder Law: A Guide to Working with Older Australians edited by Sue Field, Karen Williams, and Carolyn Sappideen, published September 2018. RRP $120.00.

Elder Law is a book for the legal practitioners, financial advisors, allied health professionals and medical practitioners working with older Australians. It is also a comprehensive and practical book for academics teaching the elder law advisors of the future.

The book takes a multifaceted approach to the issues facing older Australians and is structured around key questions including:

  • Who will make decisions for me if I am unable to?
  • How can I record my decisions in advance so people can make decisions that align with my preferences?
  • What services are available to support me?
  • Where will I live?
  • How do I plan a secure financial future for myself and my loved ones?

It responds to these questions in 20 chapters, each written by experts who are actively engaged in the field. Chapters address issues such as: supported and substitute decision-making including substitute decision-making instruments; the roles of tribunals hearing guardianship and financial matters; the accommodation options available to older Australians and the financial implications of these choices; financial issues including superannuation and Centrelink benefits, and financial elder abuse; and older age discrimination.



Or call The Federation Press on: 02 9552 2200

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