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Avoiding the Ageing Parent Trap

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For those of you, like me, who have been waiting for the moment, it has almost arrived.

About the Book

My book entitled, ‘Avoiding the Ageing Parent Trap’ is set to hit the book, and online, stores in early March, about a month away. How exciting he says.

It is published by Big Sky Publishing, distributed by Simon & Schuster, and is adorned with a foreword by Noel Whittaker.

Replete with stories, it distils over 20 years experience of my dealings with families and their ageing parents.  Some of you may even identify with the stories and say – ‘that’s just like my family’.

It gives you an insight into complex family dynamics, forewarns and forearms you about what to expect, and empowers you to confront and deal with them. It may even help to reduce family conflict.

Book Extract

To give you a taste and teaser, you can read an extract of the book at this link :

Pre-Order Book

For those wanting to pre-order, you can. Links to the various online pre-order sites are below:

Dymocks –
E-book – Amazon –

Bulk Orders

For Bulk or Corporate orders contact

Bulk Order Discount – 45% discount on RRP for orders of 20 books or more.

If you have been putting your head in the sand about what your ageing parents will mean to you and, in particular, your siblings, dare I say, this is the book for you.

It challenges you to open your eyes and be prepared as the only way of reducing, not eliminating, the impact of your parents on your own life and retirement.

I encourage you to explore the pages of this book. It will be enlightening and motivating.

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