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The best Will in the world?

The world is becoming more of a melting pot of cultures as people migrate around the globe. Australians traditionally like to spread their wings and we are a nation of jet setters with around 1 in 20 of our population living overseas at any one time.  This love of travel means that Australians often die […]

Lost Superannuation for Executors of Deceased Estates

    Transcription: Hi, I’m Rebecca from CRH Law and I’m talking to you today about lost superannuation for executors of deceased estates. Superannuation is, for many, one of their most significant assets. When you factor in the insurance components that many of us have, the death benefit payable to an estate or to a […]

Is it time to update your Self-Managed Super Fund Deed?

One of the most common questions we are asked is when should a self-managed superannuation fund (“SMSF”) deed be updated. In our experience, we believe that there are a number of circumstances that give rise to the need to consider whether changes are needed to your SMSF deed: Changes in the law Sometimes changes to […]

Capital Gains Tax Confusion

There has been a lot of press this week about what the government will and won’t do in relation to CGT. Here is a summary of what occurred. Unfortunately it is still a “watch this space” for superannuation trustees. It was suggested that the Prime Minister has been contradicted by those within his own office […]

Does my Will need to be fair?

  Transcription: This is Rebecca Edwards at CRH Law talking to you today about whether your Will needs to be fair. The short answer to the question, “Does your will need to be fair?”, is no, it does not. As a Will-maker, you’re entitled to make your Will in any way you choose fit. Your […]


Reports by the Daily Telegraph highlight that many Australians are still waiting access to the long awaited NDIS. Ms Folbig, a Sydney mum has accrued a $300,000 disability debt caring for her two disabled children as she awaits the roll out. Up to 9,000 people have so far benefited from trials of the $22 billion […]

Death and Taxes

Hello, I’m Rebecca Edwards of CRH Law talking to you about today about death and taxes. Will capital gains tax be payable on estate assets? Death duties were abolished in Australia in 1979. However, there are various taxes that remain payable for estates. These include income tax and in addition to that, CGT may be […]

Centrelink Gifting, and Deeming Rules

Transcription: Hello, this is Rebecca Edwards of CRH Law talking to you today about Centrelink Gifting, and Deeming Rules. Centrelink Gifting, and Deeming Rules. Centrelink have very strict rules about how much a person may give away before they impact on their pension entitlement or age care entitlements. What are the gifting rules? Centrelink allow […]

Testamentary Trusts

Transcription: This is Rebecca Edwards from CRH Law talking to you today about Testamentary Trusts. Testamentary Trusts A Testamentary Trust is a trust which is established as part of your will. Having a trust included in your will can make your will a long and complex document. That said, there can be many advantages to […]

New report highlights increasing use of aged care services

A recent media release from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) considered the findings of a new report which examined the use of aged care services and the take-up of care following assessment by people aged 65 and over between 2002-03 and 2010-11. The report, Patterns in use of aged care: 2002-03 to […]