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Byron Bay 1 Day NFP Conference | 29 November 2018

I am looking forward to our second mini conference for Not for Profit Organisations in Byron Bay. The feedback from our April conference indicated that these events are of enormous value to regional organisations regardless of their size and reach.  The focus for our next conference will be innovation; what does it look like, how […]

New Forms for Queensland Retirement Villages – Update

It is now close to a year since the Queensland government passed amendments to the Retirement Villages Act.  Most of the reforms introduced as part of those changes are yet to come into effect creating an element of uncertainty for the industry. A key part of the reforms are the longer awaited changes to the […]

Corporate Governance – what is it?

“Corporate governance should be the next item on the agenda of every single board meeting in the country.” That was Treasurer Scott Morrison following APRA’s scathing report on the board of Australia’s largest bank, the CBA. APRA found that there was an insular culture with inadequate oversight by the Board of emerging risk. The directors […]

Aged Care Breaking News | Federal Court Orders “Asset Replacement Charge” prohibited by Aged Care Act

On Friday 6 April, the Federal Court made its formal orders after receiving submissions from Regis and the Department of Health. The Court had previously published its reasons for determining that the “Asset Replacement Charge” (ARC) charged to residents in many Regis Aged Care facilities was inconsistent with the Aged Care Act 1997 and called […]

It’s less than a month away

What :                    Not for Profit Conference 2018 When:                    20 April 2018 Where:                   Elements of Byron Resort and Spa Click here to register. Joanne O'BrienAn expert with years of experience […]

Not for Profit Conference | 20 April 2018

Join me, Patrick Herd from Community Business Australia and Adam Bradfield of Thomas Noble and Russell in a one day mini conference for Not for Profit Organisations in beautiful Byron Bay.  The focus for the conference will be exploring options and strategies to secure a sustainable future.  It will be a great opportunity for board/Committee […]

Report on the Housing Legislation (Building Better Futures) Amendment Bill 2017 (Qld) released

On 28 September 2017, the Public Works and Utilities Committee’s (Committee) report on Housing Legislation (Building Better Futures) Amendment Bill 2017 (Bill) was released. The report took into account many submissions from the public including operators and residents.  The Committee made 18 recommendations as a result of its review of the Bill.  These recommendations included: […]

Bullying on the Board and the Fair Work Commission

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has found that a director engaged in activities related to Board meetings and fulfilling the role of a director can be the subject of bullying under the Fair Work Act (FWA).

What is Good Corporate Governance?

It is hard to imagine any Board member questioning the need for good corporate governance, but identifying the processes and practices required to achieve that aim is not so straightforward. In an effort to identify the link between governance practices and performance, the Australian Institute of Company Directors commissioned a review[1] of the research into […]

Australian Consumer Law Review: Guidance for Fundraising in the NFP Sector

On 19 April 2017, Consumer Affairs Australia and New Zealand (“CAANZ”) released its Final Report detailing its findings following an extensive review of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). As noted in the report, the ACL will apply to the fundraising activities of not-for-profit organisations in certain circumstances. In the past, there has been uncertainty within […]