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Are community service providers in Queensland labour hire services?

Most community care organisations would never have thought of themselves as being in the same class as fly-by-night labour hire companies, but that is what Queensland’s new labour hire registration system assumes them to be. As of today, every community care provider operating in Queensland has to assess if they are also a labour hire […]

Fair Work’s Christmas present to Uber

A few days before Christmas the Fair Work Commission published a first of a kind decision in Australia that an Uber driver who claimed he was unfairly dismissed was not an employee but a self-employed independent contractor. Is a gig a business or a job? Mr Kaseris was a driver whose account was deactivated by […]

Award penalty rates cut

In a momentous decision today, a full bench of the Fair Work Commission has cut Sunday penalty rates in the hospitality, retail, fast food and pharmacy sectors. But in a surprise result, the Full Bench refused to cut Sunday penalties in the restaurant and clubs awards, deciding that employers had failed to provide it with […]

FWC creates a Magic Pudding for casual employees

As the push continues to require long term casuals to be converted to permanent employees, a Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission has taken this debate to a whole new level by creating a Magic Pudding on steroids, deciding that casual employees who have been converted to permanent should have their years of casual […]

When domestic violence becomes a workplace problem

We recently had a client ask us for advice on how to protect one of their employees who was experiencing domestic violence. In our client’s case, the employee’s partner had been coming to the workplace and threatening the employee. Unfortunately this is an all too common problem. Two thirds of Australian women who report violence […]

Obtaining the injury history for job applicants

Transcription: Hi, I’m David Quinn of CRH Law and I’m talking to you today about obtaining the injury history of job applicants for your business. What can employers ask about job applicant’s previous injury history? Let’s start with the question of who is affected.  The changes to the legislation link a job applicant’s response to […]

Adverse Action Claims

  Transcription: Hi, I’m David Quinn from CRH Law and I’m talking to you today about Adverse Action Claims. What are Adverse Action Claims About? Adverse Action Claims aren’t replacing unfair dismissal laws but they certainly have become a major avenue for a place to contest terminations and other disciplinary action and about 300 or […]

Workplace Law Overview

  Transcription: Workplace Law is a bit like road rules. Most of us most of the time seem to know enough to get by. We have all had a few scary misses or that little accident that resulted in a huge repair bill. And for most of us, it’s only then that we think, “How […]