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When it comes to aged care – speed is of the essence

If you’re a current full age pensioner and you need to consider moving into residential aged care, here is a salutary story about not dilly dallying when it comes to getting into action mode. We all probably know, or at least suspect, that aged care is complicated and potentially expensive, even for age pensioners. In […]

What do lawyers think of us?

Yet again, in Doyles Guide 2018 on leading lawyers, Margaret Arthur and I have been recognised by our peers as recommended lawyers in Wills, Estate litigation and disputes. Well done we two and thanks to all the others at our firm who make our recognition possible. Brian HerdRecognised as one of the leading experts in […]

When retirement meets retirement

You baby boomers can be so lucky. Longevity means you can now be in retirement at the same time as your parents. You might have less experience in this phase of life but what the heck – isn’t it great to think that you and your parents can now share something in common in those […]

Should you audition your adult children for their later life roles?

Is an errant adult child the product of nurture or nature? For many parents, it is probably a question too hard to answer, or too late to ask. Either way they can feel a subconscious sense of responsibility for the outcome even if it is the inexplicable consequence of a healthy upbringing or just the […]

My parents won’t make a Will – what to do?

We all, mostly, have an aversion to confronting our celestial transfer, also known as death. We live in hope it will never happen or, if it does, it will be a case of ‘she’ll be right mate’ or ‘don’t you worry about that’! For adult children confident and concerned enough to ensure their parents have, […]

Are you sliding from compacto to defacto?

I have often written about being, and have many elderly clients who are, alone. They are not necessarily lonely but more, lonesome. They may have lost their spouse or partner through death or divorce. They may have intentionally misplaced them through what I call, disinterest. Alternatively, they may live in a parallel universe through the […]

The parent shut out

There is nothing like an ageing, frail and dependent parent to bring out repressed enmities and jealousies in adult children leading the ‘caring child’ to shut out the ‘concerned child’. Sometimes, the role of the caring child is a function of luck or logistics. They happen to live near mum or dad and are, consequently, […]

So are you ready for your mum to become a bed blocker?

Many adult children will know the familiar refrain – ‘Mum’s in hospital, she can’t go home and they want her out’. Hospitals label them ‘bed blockers’ – usually older people lying in a hospital bed who no longer need to be there and would be better placed living somewhere in the community (but not back […]

Are You – Living Apart Together (LAT)? or Living Together Apart (LTA)?

Oh the webs we weave in our later lives. The LAT’s It seems there is an increasing array of older adults who live alone and don’t intend, or want, to move in with another person, let alone marry them. In response to the scourge of loneliness, however, they often look for, or chance upon, if […]

A day to remind

Commemorative days of the year tend to be special events – a rejoicing, a remembrance or a reminder. Today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – a day to remind us that: • It’s happening; • It’s getting worse; • It’s repugnant; and • The law needs to change to capture the conduct and catch […]