Fair Work Australia’s review of modern awards is continuing to gather pace, but there is no news yet in relation to potential changes to the Aged Care Award and the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award.

Full benches of FWA will begin sitting on 30 May and on 21 June to consider the first two of five common issues identified by FWA from the 282 applications received since the end of 2011: penalty rates, focusing on the retail, hospitality, fast food, restaurant, hair & beauty and banking awards, and wages and conditions for apprentices, trainees and juniors.

Later, full benches will also consider issues arising about annual leave and public holidays, including in relation to the Aged Care and SCHCDSI Awards.

A range of other issues specific to both of those Awards have been raised in the multiple review applications received by FWA. Those issues will be dealt with through individual hearings before FWA. No dates have yet been set for those hearings.

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