At CRH Law, we provide practical advice for individuals and small to medium organisations across the full spectrum of workplace law – from employee agreements, disputes and claims to workplace legislation and health and safety practices.

Stronger workplace relations

Building stronger workplace relationships is crucial to the success of your business. For individuals, it is the key to a satisfying and rewarding job. That’s where CRH Law can help.

In your organisation, we’ll work with you to get the foundations right and to successfully meet the challenges you’ll encounter as your workplace grows and develops.

In your career, we’ll help you interpret and negotiate employment contracts and effectively deal with issues such as redundancy, discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Employment contracts and workplace disputes

Our workplace law specialists have been advising organisations and individuals on all elements of employment law issues for many years.

Our expertise includes:

  • drafting new employment contracts and workplace agreements
  • advising on executive contracts and disputes
  • interpreting contracts, agreements and awards
  • providing ‘hands-on’ assistance for workplace disputes
  • conducting workplace investigations
  • handling unfair dismissal and adverse action and discrimination claims
  • advising on restraint, confidentiality and non-competition agreements
  • dealing with workplace health and safety matters
  • conducting due diligence when you’re buying a new business.

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Industrial relations and the Fair Work Act

Industrial relations law is now ranked second behind the tax system as the most complicated area of law in Australia.

CRH Law has been providing specialist advice and advocacy services across all areas of industrial law for over 20 years.

Whether you need advice on handling workplace disputes, understanding an existing award or workplace agreement, making a new agreement, assisting with an unfair dismissal claim or handling redundancies, our team is ready to help you navigate the complexities of the Fair Work Act.

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Over the years, we have seen the damage done to reputations by insulting and offensive publications, and the damage done to people and organisations getting poor advice about their defamation rights and risks.

By addressing the risks and benefits of each option available under defamation law and providing you with practical advice to suit your unique circumstances, our highly experienced team will help you successfully navigate this complicated area of law.

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We believe prevention is the smartest approach when dealing with the complexities of discrimination law, from rights and obligations in the workplace to privacy rights and consumer services issues.

Across all types of workplaces, this rapidly changing and emotionally charged area of the law requires vigilance.

Whether you are an employee, business or consumer, our specialist team can provide expert and practical assistance tailored to your needs, across all discrimination law tribunals and jurisdictions.

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Workplace Health and Safety

Maintaining effective Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S) practices is critical to the success of organisations across all sectors.

With WH&S regulations becoming increasingly complex, potential penalties higher and new obligations wider, your business will benefit from the input of CRH Law’s WH&S advisors.

We’ll work with you to align your employment arrangements and WH&S practices to protect your business and your people.

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What Clients Say

“When having to deal with a workplace relations issue, the best thing I did was call David Quinn. From the outset he was understanding, took direct action and delivered outstanding results for me; a true professional who was always a step ahead. My deepest thanks to you David, for getting my career back on track.”
“I wanted to take the time to put in writing and thank you so much for the advice and guidance you gave me regarding the claim that was lodged against my company.  Without your thorough knowledge and input into this matter things would have been very difficult to say the least. You gave up your time for me that very day and for everything that you did for my company, I am truly grateful.  I would use you again for any legal matter in the future and will take the time to recommend you and your firm to anybody in the future.
Michael Kelly, Director - ASA Tiles Australia Pty Ltd
“David, you really did save our business. Things could have turned out much worse if we hadn’t found you. Thank you for being available and understanding.”
Jody Hobson, Bundaberg Industrial Supplies